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Our Give Facet of Success typically starts during the end of your career and flourishes in your retirement. We work together to identify ways for you to give back to your loved ones, community, and organizations you support.

During this stage of our process, we focus our attention on your personal goals. If you are looking for our business-focused solutions, please visit our Organize and Protect Facets of Success.

We help people looking to give back in the following areas. As a Certified Kingdom Advisor®, Aaron Witten uses a Christian worldview to help consult and guide you in creative ways to give back to your family, community, and organizations you care about.

  • Estate planning – Planning for your passing in advance can help easily transition your wealth to your heirs. Make things as simple as possible for your loved ones so they won’t have to deal with the challenge of a messy estate.
  • Philanthropy – Many of our clients want to be a part of something larger than themselves. We can help you create a giving plan so that your favorite organizations and charities may benefit for success.
  • Succession planning – Whether you are working to sell your business outright, or transition it slowly to a chosen successor, we can help ensure your succession plan is handled with the care and attention it deserves.
  • Donor-advised Fund – A donor-advised fund allows you to set aside funds now for your philanthropic goals (and thereby receiving the tax benefits of charitable giving), while giving you the ability to direct the funds you’ve donated to charities at any point in time. Depending on how you want to craft your legacy, a donor-advised fund may be an effective option in your overall giving strategy.

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