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Employee Retention Credits

Thank you for visiting to find out more about the Employer Retention Credits (ERC).


The US House of Representatives passed on a largely bi-partisan basis H.R. 7024 - Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024,

in which there is language stopping the ERC program and denying all new filings after January 31, 2024.

While this bill has not been taken up by the Senate yet or become law, understand that new inquiries we receive at this point may or may not be considered by the government, dependent upon if this bill becomes law or not.

We will still be glad to evaluate your case and give you our opinion on why you might or might not qualify for the program, but there are no guarantees at this point that the government will even consider your filing if this law passes to shut the program down if you decide at this point to file.

At this time, this does not affect cases that have already been submitted by/before the deadline, only new cases that are filed after the January 31st suggested deadline. (However, existing cases not already evaluated by the government and paid out have slowed down considerably, due to anti-fraud measures being put into place to safeguard the public interest)

Last, the IRS has initiated a process by which existing ERC claims in process or previously-awarded ERC claims may be partially repaid without penalties by March 22, 2024. If you or a provider filed an ERC claim that you feel is suspect, we are offering no-obligation second opinions of the work they did on your behalf to make sure your claim is legitimate in the eyes of the law and to help the IRS identify the questionable providers.


 If you are still interested, Please start by downloading our whitepaper here to help answer questions about the program:
ERC Whitepaper

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