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Our Protect Facet of Success is about protecting what you already have. The foundation we establish here will act as your safety net as we continue working toward your financial independence.

Owning a business exposes you to new risk. Do people need your product or service? Is your marketing approach effective in getting new customers? Are competitors stealing away business?

These and many other questions float through your mind every day. While we aren’t able to answer all of them for you, we can try to simplify the financial side of your business through the following services:

  • Tax preparation – We prepare your payroll and business taxes, and are always searching for ways to reduce your tax liability.
  • Compliance – Let us do a thorough review of your corporate structure to ensure that all legal requirements are met.
  • Insurance – Cover yourself and key employees to protect your business should the unthinkable happen.
  • Business Coaching – Many of our clients started a business because of their passion for their craft of industry. They may not, however, have formal business accounting training. We can coach you through tracking expenditures, cash flow, P&L statements, and more.

On the way toward financial independence, there are many pitfalls or challenges you will need to overcome. Protecting what you already have is crucial as you prepare for the future.

  • Insurance – Life and disability insurance can protect your earning potential. If you are negatively affected by unforeseen events, proper insurance coverage can help them meet financial commitments should you become disabled or pass prematurely.
  • Debt management – A side effect of owning a business is that typically your net worth is held within the business, and that equity is not easily extracted. Without a ready cash flow on hand, people often turn to loans and credit cards to finance personal and business necessities. We can work with you to effectively manage your debt and ensure you maintain an acceptable debt level given your income, or come up with a plan to eliminate it.

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